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Night vision enabled security gear catch the unsuspecting bad guys

night visionSmall family owned businesses all over the country are starting to take note about security. I couple months back you may have heard in the news the story about the robbers caught red handed as the security camera was rolling and recording their every move. You may be asking yourself how did they not see the camera? The answer is pretty simple it was all completely dark. The burglars did not notice the well placed night vision enabled security camera that was on them at all times. It captured HD footage for the entire incident. The footage also includes perfect face shots which allow the police to find the suspects within days. There are many owners out there that do not properly secure their businesses check this because they don’t want to have to learn all the technical munbo jumbo required to buy the right devices. There plenty of web pages which business owners should read and share. They explain every single little must know details about cams.

Another key way that this business was able to defend themselves was by using a security alarm. This was not as helpful in this case as the thiefs we able to make a quick getaway. But had they not this would have also been a great protection system. More and more the use of silent alarms is becoming popular and has been advised by geauxmaids cleaning service when they come for cleaning purposes. There is nothing like watching the some guy breaking in your shop and shortly after them being surprised by police and getting arrested. It almost make the cleanup worth the show, said one store owner who had recently been hit by a similar attack. As technology progresses there will be new methods of securing your personal property. Imagine a flying robot or invisible lasers like you see in Hollywood. But for the time being, just take the moment to read up on the internet about security. Chances are someone has made it super easy for you to find what you are looking for. Of course without spending too much of your time.

Irvine is the new hot spot for tech start ups

datacenterMore and more companies are starting to place their servers in a small city in southern California called Irvine. The act of placing your servers is called colocation. There is a website called Colocation in Irvine which makes it super easy for companies and individuals to get pricing to colo their servers in datacenters. The way it works is they take the information you need and send it to various providers in the area. Then the providers send you pricing in relation to your requirements.

You may be wondering why in world would I want to take my servers all the way to Irvine? Well the answer is pretty simple. Accessibility! Most large datacenters are in huge over crowded downtown areas. This makes it super hard to park and other simple tasks. Not to mention the terrible traffic you face getting there. Areas like Orange County are usually much easier to get around any time of the day. Not enough for you? Don’t worry! On their website you can find many more reasons to colo your servers there.

Believe it or not a lot of companies already have a presence there. Verizon and Broadcom to name a few are there. There is also nearby one of the most prestigious school in the country, UC Irvine. Universities are the premier place to go to when you are looking to recruit new talent for your company. If your company happens to be oriented towards the gaming market you will have a very easy time marketing and getting a technical team together. Hosting your servers is usually just one part of the equation. Finding office space can also be pretty easy if you know what to look for. There are also many incubator spaces which give start-ups access to resources that usually cost lots of money to be able to build their projects. Think twice before saying not to this city.